Our Values

By Amber Binkley

There are some wonderful health and parenting resources out there - and there's also a lot of junk. We're here to help you find the gems, draw on your own parenting wisdom, and navigate the very particular nuances of raising kids in the Bay Area.  Our consulting and education services will give you the confidence to focus on the present moment and be the best parent you can.

Here's how we're setting ourselves apart:

  • We help you draw on intuition plus great information. You are the expert on you and your family. We’ll help you tune into your instincts and also share current, comprehensive, and trustworthy information, so you can make great parenting decisions. There’s rarely a “one-size-fits-all” solution for the important choices we’ll make as parents. We provide frameworks, roadmaps, and insights for thoughtful discussions rather than just telling you what to do. 
  • We make sure you have the local context that matters.  You’ll have no trouble finding general information about starting a family. What’s often missing are those last pieces of local context to help you reality check the advice you’re hearing, move forward, and actually cross things off your to-do list. Want to figure out how much a nanny costs in San Francisco?  We've got the info. Want to find a local place to deliver that's a good fit for your family? We'll lay out the options for you.  

  • We help you with the "dos" of conception, healthy pregnancy, and parenting.  We hear a lot about what not do to during pregnancy and early parenting.  What’s often missing is practical support building the day-in-day-out healthy habits that can make a big difference in how you feel while trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and in the first year as a new parent. We help you focus on the “how” of incorporating healthy habits into your life and building a healthy home – setting up you and your family to be at your physical, emotional, and financial best.

  • We're not going to sell you lots of stuff.  Sure, good basic gear can make a difference for both wellness and parenting. But wellness for you and your family is mostly about keeping things simple - not about the latest protein powders or flashy baby toys. We don’t make our money affiliating with brands, and we don’t accept payments to promote products or services. We strive to provide unbiased, third-party guidance that helps you make good, cost-effective decisions for your family. 

  • We’re not going for perfection. Pretty good most of the time is our motto. Striving to do everything perfectly, or to do something that makes sense for someone else but not for you, is a recipe for anxiety.  It also makes it harder to be in the moment with your growing family. We’re certainly not perfect and we screw up on an almost daily basis. We’ll help you learn from our mistakes and maintain a sense of humor when you inevitably make some of your own.